Bloggers Made Me Buy

As a big consumer of Youtube, Instagram and different bloggers, I’ve seen them all loving different makeup products and, due to those positive responses, I decided to try some ¬†of them. And here they are! Revlon Colorstay Concealer. I’ve seen many many youtubers using it and I’ve read many blogs about it. I’ve been using … More Bloggers Made Me Buy

Concealer Depotting

Long time no post! Today I bring you how I depotted my two palettes concealer palettes into one pillholder to make it look more professional. Here’s the process: Firstly, I took the colour correctors and, with a spatula, I took off the product from the palette and put them into the pillholder, trying to make … More Concealer Depotting

Eyeshadow Hack

Do you have old eyeshadows that barely work? Or some dry shadows that aren’t as pigmented as you’d love to? This hack will blow your mind. I discovered this hack last night and I got so excited about it that I tried it with every single of my eyeshadows. For this post, I tried it … More Eyeshadow Hack