Lip tip

Want softer lips? You can exfoliate them with either honey and sugar or olive oil. You just put those ingredients on your lips and scrub them with an old toothbrush. Featured picture taken from Tumblr  


Who doesn’t love fluff? With the cold here in Argentina, something fashionable and warm to use is fluffy things. Here are some inspiration pictures of fluffy clothes/accessories. (featuring a cute picture of brendahashtag) Featured picture taken from Brenda Hashtag Pics taken from Google Images and Brenda Hashtag

Lash tip

Quick lash tip: for maintaining them hydrated, when doing your skincare routine, apply vaseline on them. NOT before going to sleep because they would stick the top with the bottom lashes. This will make them grow strong and they wont dry up because of the mascara. You can even replace mascara with vaseline some days. … More Lash tip

Hat outfits

Most of the countries are in summer now and the best way to prevent isolation is wearing something over your head. If you don’t know how to wear a hat on an outfit, or which hat to wear better, here I have some ideas. Featured picture taken from Tumblr Pics taken from Tumblr