Welcome 2017! I think this year’s trends are gonna be AMAZING. In this post I’m gonna show you some of these trends so you start your year with some good trends on. No makeup (makeup) You can do the “no makeup makeup” like Candice on the left, which is only blending really well the base … More 2017


2016 was a year full of trends. I loved the most of them, but some were like HELL NO this in not ok. The best of 2016 Off shoulder tops  Definitely one of my favourite trends ever. They are so fresh and comfortable and I’ve never seen someone who looks bad in one of those. … More 2016

WTF Kylie II

This time, the disclaimer to Kylie Cosmetics goes for the Kyshadows. A couple of days ago, the beauty vlogger Shaaanxo claimed on twitter that Kylie copied her eyeshadows palette. She posted that picture of Kylie’s palette next to hers. Of course they look really alike, but has Kylie copied her? There were people who supported what … More WTF Kylie II

Bralette guide

You wonder what a bralette is? Why is it so different from the other bras? Well, bralettes are soft bras with no underwire or heavy padding. But why are them so trendy? It’s just that they are so comfortable and give your boobs a break and look good and pretty under clothing. It can be used by any size … More Bralette guide