Bullet Journal Setup

I’ve been obsessed with videos and posts of people setting up their bullet journals and I soooo wanted one. I have, tho, a little ocd when it comes to notebooks organisation and I’s have hated to start a bullet journal at the month number 8, so I  grabbed an old notebook I had and sketched … More Bullet Journal Setup


I had nothing to post so I’ll share with you a little thought I found on Instagram to startthe week and the month motivated. 

My Zine

You know arts can relax your mind? Well, I made this zine in order to relax and de-stress. This is how I made the zine: Firstly, I folded the paper in 8, made a cut above the middle boxes, folded it and labelled the pages so I can unfold the paper and make my art … More My Zine

Stay Awake

Having just 3 hours of sleep in the whole day is too little and it is too hard to stay awake. So I’ll share you some tips to look and feel fresher. First wash your face with cold water and put some ice cubes on your under-eyes to reduce the puffiness. Also concealer will be … More Stay Awake