Workout Calendar

So everybody want to have the bikini-Victoria’s Secret model body, mostly now (in Argentina and in the whole suthern hemishphere) that Summer is here and also are tiny bikinis and skin showing. So I made myself a workout calendar with series of different exercises. After this routine during January, I’m going on a two weeks vacation … More Workout Calendar

Healthy Food

Following the workout calendar I -should have- posted some days ago, I bring here a list of foods to maintain an amazing bikini-Victoria’s Secret angel-body. Raisins: Soft and nutritious. They also have a lot of energy. Oranges: Hydrate, have vitamin C and high in fiber. Helps digestion Peanut or almond nougat: Provides large doses of … More Healthy Food

Gigi Fitness

I think it is really interesting for everyone to know about a VS model workout routine. Rob Piela – aka Gigi’s personal trainer and the genius responsible for those rock hard abs – has shared her workout plan with Vogue a while ago and said “Staying fit is all about consistency. Don’t miss workout days; don’t get lazy in the winter.” … More Gigi Fitness

Calm Cravings

We all have those cravings for sweets, fried or just really unhealthy things we shouldn’t be eating all the time. We have those cravings because of the lack of different chemical components in the body, but you can increase that lack with different and healthier food. (I’m not a biologist and I don’t really know … More Calm Cravings

Why Tea?

The question maybe loads of you actually asked would be about the name of the blog. You’d have guess that the “Blonde” part of the name is because I’m blonde but… why tea? Why not coffee or vodka? Although I love vodka, there is something about tea that drives me crazy, and it is its … More Why Tea?

Body posi

After 17 years of living, I’ve learnt many things, but never how to love my body. Waxing my legs I realised how stupid the society is. They make it look wrong when girls have body hair, stretch marks or acne, they make the girls feel ashamed of it. They make the body size define you; … More Body posi