Brows Glow-Up

All of us have been in a bad brow moment, where we start thinking that there’s no way out of that moment. But a lot of us have gone out of that awkward moment, here you have some people brows glo up: Demi Lovato Kylie Jenner Selena Gomez Zendaya Me There’s hope for everyone, keep … More Brows Glow-Up

How Much Product?

Have you ever wondered how much product you should use on your face on each step of your skincare routine? I’ve found a really lovely picture on Instagram about it and I decided to recreate it, so in the picture I compare the amount of products with the size of my hand, take a look. … More How Much Product?

Nivea Skincare Haul

If you read last Monday’s post, you might have learnt about my skincare routine and you might have seen half of my products are from Nivea. As a big fan of Nivea for skincare, I went on a little shopping spree and replaced my not-Nivea products for some Nivea ones. I replaced my cleansing milk … More Nivea Skincare Haul

Fake Tan

Today I wanted to show you to solution to one of my biggest problems: paleness. Somehow, I can’t get tan, and it is really annoying. At the beginning of December, my aunt told me about a fake tanning face and body cream and I bought it to see whats up. You tell me what you … More Fake Tan

Perfume Tips

Instead of¬†wasting a whole bottle of perfume every week in order to smell good during the day, you should put only behind you ears, in the middle of your collarbones, in your wrists, behind your elbows and behind your knees. Those are the spots that are moving during the day and it will release the … More Perfume Tips