The Smile Tag

I’ve seen this lovely tag from beautiful Bea and I decided to do it. So here we go!

How It Works

Ciarralorren, creator of The SMILE Tag, wants to see your smiles! If you are nominated for this tag (which I hope all of you are), then simply post a photo of yourself smiling! There really are no rules for this tag. You can post as many pictures with as many people as you’d like solely under the condition that you are smiling in the photo or looking back at the photo makes you smile! It’s really quite simply. If you’d like, also share the story or stories behind the photos you post to let your followers gain more of an insight of who you are and what makes you happy. Or don’t! It’s really up to you! !Truthfully, it doesn’t matter how you interpret this tag, so long as you spread joy and happiness around the Internet and in doing so within your own life. Let’s all be happy and share our smiles!

Just keep the tagging along and TOGETHER, let’s create a mass movement of happiness! So start posting and tagging people now! Go, go, go!!”

My Smiles

What Makes Me Smile

My friends and family, doing what I love (makeup and blogging), seeing my blog growing, your love, travelling, concerts, taking photos and my philosophy teacher (he sends me mails with pictures of Mr Bean and Queen Elizabeth on them and makes puns out of my name and surname, I can’t not love him)


I’ll do the same as Bea and I’ll tag all of you who’s reading! I really want to see all your smiles and I’d love to read what makes you smile.



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