What To Post When You Have Nothing To Post

A long ago, I received an Instagram direct message from Sareena from All Of Me Beauty saying that she wanted to be more active on Instagram and she needed tips for having more to post, so here are some ideas of what to post when you have nothing to post.

A Quote

Find a quote or thought that you actually like (Google is full of them) and post them. Here are some examples you can steal from me.

Your Favourite Book/ Album/ Makeup

Just take your book or makeup to a place with amazing lightning and a great background and photograph it!


Throw back Tuesdays or Thursdays are a great way to post. Look for a pic of a trip you did, of a concert that you attended, a fun day you had with your friends and post it!

If it is not Tuesday or Thursday, you always have Man Crush Monday or Women Crush Wednesday.


It is never a bad time to go to a window and take a lovely selfie and post it.

Hope it was useful and you enjoyed it!



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