The Music Festival Guide

Lollapalooza Argentina is just around the corner and the music festival season is starting and I thought it is a great idea to write a guide to those ones who are going to any festival soon.


  • Previous plans: there is a thing you have to plan before the actual festival: the artists you’ll see. Before the festival schedule is actually out, I go and listen to some of the artists that will be there and see which one I like the best. Then, I create the playlist with the best songs of the artists I liked the best. Once the schedule is out, I make my own schedule (as you can see in the picture above) of every artist I want to see at each hour.
  • Clothes: COMFY. I don’t think you’d like to be jumping and running everywhere with a 2 metre long poncho and the high heels. Leave them for a fashion show and take your sports shoes, a tee and a denim short and you are ready to go. Also, be prepared to get your whole clothes dirty with either dust or mud.


  • More is less. You don’t need to bring your huge backpack full of stuff you don’t need. Just take your keys, phone, water, snacks and some money and you are ready to go.
  • FANNY PACKS. Following the tip above, I will always recommend carrying everything in a fanny pack. They are not the most fashionable thing ever, but they are really practical and, if you hide them under your clothes, nobody will be able to open it and steal anything.
  • Take your own water/snack. Food inside of the festival are incredibly expensive so, if you can, take your own food and water. In Lollapalooza Argentina they don’t let you in with food, so I hide it inside the fanny pack. When it comes to water, Lollapalooza lets you in with an empty bottle and they charge it with water for free, that’s amazing.


  • Plan to have little to no reception. Your phone will be almost useless during the festival. I recommend to put it on airplane mode and use it to take some photos or something.
  • Stick together or have a plan. As I have already mentioned, cellphone connection won’t be at its best, so you better stick together with your friends so you don’t get lost or have a plan, set a meeting spot and a time to meet at that spot.


  • SUNSCREEN. Either if it’s cloudy or incredibly sunny, you’ll be needing that layer of protection from the Sun. Make sure you have a high spf under your makeup.
  • Hand sanitizer and baby wipes. Going to the toilet at a festival is not the most pleasing experience, neither is eating the food with your hands really dirty, so save you that awful situation and bring them with you.

That was all. I hope the tips were very helpful. Are you going to a festival soon? Thanks for reading, lots of love.



8 thoughts on “The Music Festival Guide

  1. Just finished EDC for my 4th year, and I must admit that hand sanitizer is a must!! I bought some there for shockingly only $3, thought they would charge like $20 hahahahh! Did you go to Lollapalooza Chile or the one in Chicago? I have yet to go to a festival abroad.

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      1. Oh, I thought you were somewhere else 😅 well, in that case the Chile, the Brazil and the Argentina Lollapalooza are the same: same artists, same weather, close dates. The only difference is that I’ve been told that the Argentinian crowds are wilder, so if you are looking for sonething wild you shoukd totally come here!

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      2. Argentina and Brazil both sound epic! I will have to do one or the other one day thanks! I posted a few EDC posts btw if you’re interested 🙂 although my blog is mainly like spirituality/poetry with some travel.


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