The Importance Of Colour Correcting

As a blogger, I love watching and reading about makeup kits and routines and looks and collections, but as a makeup artist it FRUSTRATES me when I see people only using normal concealer. In one and a half years of blogging, I’ve only read one post where a girl (I don’t remember who) mentioned colour correcting and I believe it is one of the most important steps of doing makeup. Without the right colour correcting, you’d highlight the under-eyes instead of covering them. Here is a guide:


As you can see in a colour wheel, green is the opposite of red, purple is the opposite of yellow and orange is the is the opposite of blue. And that’s exactly how colour correcting work.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Conceals red pimples, rosacea and any red spots.


I don’t really use it as I feel I don’t need it, but it conceals any yellow and sallowness spots on your skin.


Conceals blue parts on the under-eyes. It is important you put this only in the blue part of the under-eye and not all over, otherwise, it will mark the under-eyes even more.


Conceals the purple part of the under-eyes. It is important you put this only in the purple part of the under-eye and not all over, otherwise, you will highlight the under-eye.


Conceals lighter under-eyes, that are usually blue. You can make peach corrector with the orange and the yellow ones.

There are many brands that sell colour correctors, and I can guarantee you that you can find colour correctors on any generic concealer palette.

Did you know the importance of them? If not, I hope you learned from this and, if you already knew, I hope you enjoyed the post anyway. Thanks for reading!



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