Boob contouring

Any flat-chest follower? Here’s a tip for you to make your boobs look bigger -if you want to, of course. You just need to take what you use to contour and highlight your face and do the following:

1We start with a beautifully flat canvas.

Firstly, you take the dark colour you use to contour and put it on the top of the boobs as you can see in the picture. That will create the shadow that is naturally created between the (big) boobs and the chest. I also applied some between my collarbones because I felt like it. I used the darkest shade of the E.L.F. foundation palette in light-medium and the lip brush from Bobby Brown (I felt it was easier to use that one).

Then, you take your highlight and put it over your boob, on the chest and over the collarbone. That will create the light that hits on the (big) boobs and collarbones because they are 3D so, if there’s a shadow, there’s a light. I used a Maybelline white concealer and, if you take a closer look, you can see how I accidentally stained my swimsuit with it.

Once you contoured all, blend that in. I used the Real Techniques face expert brush. If you need to, you can put some more makeup. I set the contouring with that dark bronzer as I used cream products.


And see the final result. I usually contour my boobs when using great cleavages or for a pool party when I know I won’t go to the pool.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and my messy room and pyjama bottom.


Featured picture taken from Tumblr


5 thoughts on “Boob contouring

  1. This was great. Thanks a ton! Also, your waist is something to aspire for. I’ve been working out for a few weeks, and despite being a slim person my waist looks nothing close to that. Hopefully it will, before long. Fingers crossed!

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      1. Thanks for the reply. I’ve been doing some ab exercises to correct my swayback, and I remember reading that crunches are largely ineffective, plus they’re really bad for your back. What’s your experience been like, with the workout?

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