Maybelline ‘The Blushed Nudes’ Palette Review

I bought this palette a little ago and I’m loving it. It’s the blushed nudes palette and has pinkie nudes colours. I’ve been using it already (you can see some eye makeup looks on my makeup ig acc @juzmakeup).

It actually came with two tiny applicators but I threw them away because I prefer my brushes. It has a shiny white shadow, a shiny light peach one, a shiny light grey one, a shiny light pink one, a matte dark pale pink one, a shiny light brown one, a shiny copper one, a shiny darker brown one, a shiny dark champagne one, a shiny mink one, a shiny dark pink and a shiny dark brown one with pink shimmers. I love that you can make multiple eye looks with it.


Top row
Bottom row

They aren’t as pigmented as I expected them to be. They still look amazing in the eye, mostly if you use a white base (I use Maybelline white concealer as a base for them) .


I don’t really know how to properly make a review, so I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!




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