Uruguay Haul

As you have already seen on my last post, I’ve been to Uruguay for like 10 days and, being me, I needed to buy everything I see. Here’s a little haul of everything I bought there.


First things first, I bought some clothes from Forever 21 you can see in my last post Here

The first day I went for a long walk and found this beaut. This palette (the blushed nudes) is not available in Argentina and I HAD to have it. It was about USD $26,50 (UYU $750). Expect a review on this.

Doing some free-shopping,I found this love. It was USD $16 everywhere but I found this one in a little store for USD $10. All I can say is that it really gives that strawberry-champagne-ish vibe and last really long. Completely in love with it.

Free shopping also, I found this babe in two stores: in one it was USD $21 and in the other one was USD $7,9, guess which one I got. It is a toning protector spray.  You can see that I used it a little bit and all I can say is that is a real miracle. I notice my hair less yellow and it smell like a christmassy berry fizzy drink, but does not taste like so.

I found this baby in a souvenirs store. It is a ring with the moon stone on it. It was USD $7 (UYU $200)


In that souvenir store I found this little pink quartz for a necklace. It was also USD $7 (UYU $200)

I hope you really enjoyed this haul. I’m really exited about posting it. Thank  you so much for reading.

(I took all the photos)



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