Fake Tan

Today I wanted to show you to solution to one of my biggest problems: paleness. Somehow, I can’t get tan, and it is really annoying. At the beginning of December, my aunt told me about a fake tanning face and body cream and I bought it to see whats up. You tell me what you think

Day 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3







It is the Bagovit progressive tanning cream (Bagovit is an Argentinian/Uruguayan brand, I don’s know if it commercialises with another countries, if you find it everywhere else please let me know). The instructions say that I have to apply the cream for 3 days in a row first and then maintain the colour by applying the cream 3 times per week. When applying, I should be partially naked and have the body perfectly exfoliated; and take care of touching the clothes with the cream because it stains (no kidding, it really does, but you can wash it out). It takes AN ETERNITY to soak into my body and it leaves a really greasy and heavy impression to my face, but it is because it is oily af. Because of that, I’ve already stained a short, two blouses, two panties and a bra, but leaving those problems aside, it is amazing and the results are better than what I expected (you can tell by the pictures). Pretty recommended.


Featured picture taken from Tumblr


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