Heatless Beach Waves

Who else wants some beach waves in the morning without applying heat to the hair? I have a solution:

Every night before going to bed, you should brush your hair and make yourself a french or dutch braid. It can be a double braid or a fish tail one if you want to.  I always go for the dutch one because it is easier and faster to do to myself than the french one. Then, in the morning, just untie and undo your braid and BOOM natural beach waves and your hair won’t be tangled. Do not brush your hair in the morning or the waves will be frizzy. 

Extra tip: you can put some hair spray to the brush before brushing your hair and the waves will stay longer. 

(Excuse the fact that my hair is half lilac and really frizzy in the first pic)


Featured picture taken from Tumblr


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