Cute And Lazy

So you want to rock that “cute and lazy” look of the Insta-celebs? Here I bring you some easy and lazy looks, hair styles, and my no-makeup makeup routine for when you are too lazy to think what to do with your life.

The outfits


I went for a white t-shirt dress as it is really comfortable and always looks good. Well ironed and with some cute accessories, hair and makeup it works for any formal event. And not ironed with no accessories and makeup and a messy bun, it is perfect for lazy days.


This one consists of two Christmas presents: the crochet bra my grandma gave me and the colourful floral kimono my mom gave me. Also I have some black high-wasted short-shorts, because you can never go bad with some.

The hair

Warning: I’m wearing no makeup.


My everyday on-the-go hair for when I’m either on a bad hair day or just on a hurry and I don’t want my hair on my face. The little brother of the messy bun, the half-a-bun consists in just taking the top part of your hair and make a little bun with it. I always like to take some bits of hair from the sides of my face to give it a more “messy” look.


From the creators of the famous messy bun, I present you the lower messy bun. Is is just making a bun in the middle part of your head (instead of on the top, as for the famous messy bun) and just loosen it up from the bottom and the sides so the bun will end up in almost your neck. Again, I take some bits of hair from the sides of my face, like on the previous hair style, to give it a more “messy” look.

The makeup

This is not like the typical “very natural almost bare face no-makeup makeup” that end up using a hundred of different products and caking their faces up. I’ll show you the products I use, what I do and the final result.


No kidding I only use four products (five if I’m on a bad-brow day). After cleaning, toning and moisturising (my moisturiser works as primer), I skip foundation and jump to concealer and I put on a very small triangle under my eyes and on my problematic areas (my chin and nose). Obviously, with that mini blender form Forever 21 so I don’t get bacteria inside the concealer. After it, I blend it all well and set my T-zone with the paler loose powder. I hate putting too much powder on my face, so for bronzing I use the darker powder. Always have in mind that loose powder is way lighter than compact powders so for an everyday-natural look it is always better to go for loose powders. Then, I just curl my lashes and apply mascara. On my lips I only put a lip butter from the body shop and that’s it. Here’s the final result:

I don’t know why my face looks like it is photo-shopped but I swear that the powders did that. Also I know, one eye is smaller than the other and my lips are disproportionate but I don’t care.

I hope you liked this post, I’ve been planning it for a long time but I was too lazy to write it (lol). Thanks for reading!

Also, by the day this is being posted, I’ll be preparing myself for an almost 10-hours road trip with my family to Punta del Este (an Uruguayan beach) and we’ll stay there for 10 days. But don’t worry, there are posts already scheduled for when I’m absent. Anyways, if you want a beach-related post or a little hotel room tour, you can totally ask for it.



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