2017 Blogging Goals + 100 Followers

Today I woke up to see that I reached the 100 followers WHAT? I’m really thanksful for everyone’s support for the past 6 months, I love you all.

I know that I just posted about my Forever 21 haul but I will use this post to tell you about my 2017 goals when it comes to blogging.


I usually take my pictures from Tumblr, but this year, as I got my phone camera fixed, I want to start taking my own photos for the blog.


Last year I was meant to do some collabs that I, unfortunately, couldn’t do. This year I want to do a lot; so if you are interested in doing a collab with me, put it one the comments or e-mail me.


Of course, as all the bloggers, I want my blog to grow, increase it’s followers number, have even better posts, so if there’s anything you want me to do, just comment it.

Thanks for reading and thanks again for the support! Love you all!

Juli xx


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