Welcome 2017! I think this year’s trends are gonna be AMAZING. In this post I’m gonna show you some of these trends so you start your year with some good trends on.

No makeup (makeup)

You can do the “no makeup makeup” like Candice on the left, which is only blending really well the base and concealer and applying little to nothing bronzer, blush, mascara and lipstick; or go for the whole no makeup thing like Alicia Keys on the right, in which you need to have EXTREME care of your skin.

RED lips (with almost no makeup on face)
1d630a995f79c5b732aa520de613241fd31ecdfd7a60d12eb940858de35bbf6dfbd51e7b43bbc1f0534bd89929286da2red10Red lips never go out of style, but this year, it comes with little to no makeup on the whole face so the highlight of the makeup would be the lips.

Glitter lips


Not for an everyday makeup thing as glitter has an awful texture and it is hard to apply but glitter on the lips will be really trendy on fashion shoots and magazines.


what-draping-makeupfrom-draping-to-bold-eye-shadow-5-80s-makeup-tips-you-need-to-try-2023464-640x0c13671734_750881748385300_420652993_nFollowing the contouring, highlighting and stroving and imitating the 70’s trend, the “draping” is the new blush trend
in which you are supposed to take a peachy toned brush from the apples of your cheeks up to the cheekbone and temple, as it is shown in the pictures.081816-giorgina-draping

Lipstick as blush (for a more dewy and pigmented effect)

The technique of lipstick as blush has been since the beginning of makeup but this year it is coming to bring health to an every day skin makeup.

Glossy eyeshadow
1bffb42348df656025d0801a0a7de16e48f4ac46864048be95aa4d3791017b49glossy-eyeshadow-makeup-inspirationDefinitely my favourite trend of all times. It looks really beautiful although it is really hard to get. Again, this is only for fashion stuff, more than for an every day makeup thing.

Cat eye cut crease
1ceda969e3cfa2c1a8718e0e672ff1c6imagesrose_gold_cutI’m mastering my cut crease game up so I can nail this trend too. It’d look amazing on any kind of gala or formal event.

Graphic eyeliner

Wet hair (with gel)

Dark lips

Just any dark colour. You can put a black base of eyeliner and put a colour on top of it to make it darker, or just leave the dark eyeliner as the lip colour. You can also use eyeshadow to do it.

Well, tell me which was your favourite trend. Mine  one was the glossy eyelid or the graphic eyeliner. I’ll be doing a lot of looks like those, stay tuned. Happy new year guys!


Featured picture taken from Tumblr
Pics taken from Google Images


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