2016 favourites

The last post pf 2016 will be a list of my favourite things in 2016. So enjoy!

The Body Shop lip butter
w.pngI bought it when I went to Brazil in February and I’ve been using it since then and my lips never were so soft and hydrated. It comes in a lot of flavours and unfortunately I got mine in the worse one (the strawberry and the peach ones are SOOO good). I totally recommend this baby in any flavour or colour.

ELF foundation palette (light-medium)
eee.pngI got this one on March I believe in a makeup showroom (because there’s no ELF store in Argentina) and I’m absolutely in love. It was super cheap (around 20 US dollars) and it has a really good coverage. The shades are good to either do foundation, highlight, contour or all of them. It also has a mirror that is really cute and pretty good for when you travel and don’t want to take an extra mirror.

Revlon Colorstay concealer (shade 02 light pale)
rrrI don’t know if I got to do the “things I’d repurchase” post but concealer would have been in that post. I’ve used two whole tubes of it during the year and I’d keep choosing it during 2017 until I find a better drugstore concealer (because broke af). What I love about it is its formula: it gets really matte and stays still the whole day in where I put it. The best coverage ever and I even dare to say it works better than some high-street concealers I’ve tried.


Maybelline champagne fizz (as highlighter)
Sin título.pngI’m not kidding when I say I’ve had this eyeshadow for ages and this year (the year of highlighter) I discovered that it is the perfect highlighter for any time. It has the perfect shimmer (although the photo doesn’t show it) for using it during the day or during the night. Also it is really easy to blend and to work with.

Real Techniques expert face brush
ddddBest brush for blending foundation. The shape isn’t the most comfortable one for blending whole face foundation but I still love it. And what I love about it is how versatile it is: you can use if with cream/liquid foundation, concealer, cream contour and highlight and it even blends amazingly powder contour/bronzer. Sam and Nick did an amazing job with this.


VS Beauty Rush colourshine gloss
wee.pngI’ve already given a whole review about this and it totally can tell how much I loved it. It has a great formula and its finish is really lovely: it gives you the impression of shiny fuller lips. I got them in the shades Royal and Pinky. The Royal one gives you the appearance of darker but bigger lips and the Pinky one is lighter but still gives you a shiny big lip appearance. I completely love and recommend them.


VS Pink Fresh and Clean body mist
weewwwwwww.pngI still have a pending review on this. I bought it on the ship to Uruguay too (as the lip glosses) thinking it was a perfume (it was pretty cheap and smelled really good) and back in Argentina I realised it wasn’t. Anyways it has a really good smell that has some kind of summer vibe and it is really cool now because here in Argentina we are already suffering the summer.


MAC Cosmetics lipsticks (in Men Love Mystery and Halsey)

MAC Cosmetics lipsticks themselves have AMAZING formulas; they are super pigmented and stay still for a LOT of time. But I choose this two shades particularly because they are really lovely colours and I believe they can look good on anyone. If you follow me on any social media you would have seen a picture of me on both of them lipsticks and they are amazing.

That’s it guys! Thanks for sharing with me thins -half an- year. Since Agoust I’ve grown up so much, I’m really proud of what this blog became. Let’s make next year even better! See you in 2017! Juli xxx


Featured picture taken from Tumblr
Pics taken from Google Images


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