2016 was a year full of trends. I loved the most of them, but some were like HELL NO this in not ok.

The best of 2016

Off shoulder tops 

Definitely one of my favourite trends ever. They are so fresh and comfortable and I’ve never seen someone who looks bad in one of those. I have three of them and I use them more than another piece of clothing. You can convine them with anything: shorts, pants, jeans, long or short skirts, even with the bottom of a swimsuit looks good!


The Covergirl guy
the-covergirl-guyWhat makes me the most happy of it is that I breaks every stereotype of “only girls can wear makeup”. I don’t know if there’s any other brand that used a guy as their face but DAMN this guy slayed being the new Covergirl. Plus, he’s cut af.


They are just so cute. Of course, the glitter and galaxy freckles are not to use as natural ones but they are so cute anyways

Rainbow highlighter 

It’s everything I love in makeup trend. Not for a daily basis, to go to school or work, but when it comes to fashion it is really cute. And you have a lot of diy’s for it on Youtube

Glitter roots

Oh boy you don’t know how much I love this trend. It’s really cute for fashion (magazine, catwalks) or music festivals.

The worst of 2016

100 layers 

My only question is WHY? Why would you do that to yourself? Why would you waste to much time and product to do such a disgusting thing?

“Waist trainer”

waist-shaperThere’s no doubt that nowadays, the body shape is very important for everyone and the Kardashian clan made the stereotype of “perfection” which is big boobs, big ass and a tiny waist. They talk a lot about their “waist trainers” and how much they love them and a lot of women use them or want to do so for looking just like them. Of course, they are amazing, they shape your waist and make you lose weight, but also they are really dangerous because they squeeze a lot your organs and ribs and it could cause a lot of injuries or problems in your inner body. Something I’ve learnt is that it is more important to stay healthy than being what everyone think is “perfect”


Featured picture taken from Tumblr
Pics taken from Google Images


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