Fake fuller hair

5 Ways To Fake Fuller Hair

Thin and flat hair? I know the struggle. While you can’t change your natural hair texture, you can fake it out with these tips I took from Refinery 29’s Snapchat story from a while ago.

The cut

As longer hair creates more weight to the hair, when you cut it, you lose all that weight and your hair can get more voluminous. Also, if you cut your hair in layers, it will look more voluminous than straight cut hair.

The tools

Might look old fashioned, but Velcro rollers and plastic curlers work as good as fifty years ago.

The colour

Your hair hue can easily trick people into thinking your hair is naturally thick. All over colours can make your hair look flatter an some lighter or darker highlight -for if you are blonde- can add some more dimension to it.

The products

Hair powders and dry shampoos adds some volume to the greasy roots and using some hairspray when using Velcro rollers or plastic curlers can make your hair stay super voluminous.


The blow dry

Although it can make your hair look straighter, straight doesn’t mean flat. You can use the blow dryer for straightening your hair or curl it depending on the brush you use, but it will end up looking pretty voluminous after it.


Featured picture taken from Tumblr
Pics taken from Google Images and Tumblr


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