Body posi


After 17 years of living, I’ve learnt many things, but never how to love my body. Waxing my legs I realised how stupid the society is. They make it look wrong when girls have body hair, stretch marks or acne, they make the girls feel ashamed of it. They make the body size define you; if you are fat, you are ugly and you can’t stop eating; if you are skinny, you are perfect but also you must be starving. If you have boobs and ass you are a bomb but if not you look like a 5-year-old. If you are pale you must be sick, you are just beautiful if you are tan. The body is something natural and nobody should feel ashamed of it. It might not look pretty when you have acne, or stretch marks, but they are fucking natural, they are a part of your body. The body hair might not look good on the girls either, but why do we have to wax or shave and boys don’t? Because of this society.

On my 17th birthday, I finally can say I feel happy with how I am, though I have body hair, a lot of acne and some stretch marks, have no boobs, and am extremely pale, and I want everyone, not only girls bur EVERYBODY, to know they areĀ beautiful too.

(having a picture of me as the featured image because hell yes)








Pics taken from Google Images


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