Halloween makeup ideas

Extra post this week because Halloween is coming and everyone should be ready. Here are some easy trendy makeups for 2016’s Halloween.

img_0177White sugar skull.

Instead of mixing all the sugar skull colours that might end up like a really big mess, you can just take white painting and make a sugar skull, just copy what it is in the picture.

img_0180Doubled face

This is actually a really hard one, but I feel that it should be mentioned in this post. If you are feeling brave and/or have amazing drawing skills, just do it.

img_0178Zippered face

I’m actually thinking on doing this one. It’s so easy as just sticking a half-opened zipper to your face with eyelash glue and painting a part of it. It seems to be very trendy, I’ve been seeing this all over Instagram and Youtube.

img_0179Snapchat filters

They are as easy as juts copying what you see, and they are always a really creative idea for a Halloween makeup.

img_0181Harley Quinn

There are going to be at least one hundred of her on the streets this Halloween and just 10% will have seen Suicide Squad, but we can’t help it. The whole costume can be bought on any store, but the makeup is even easier than getting the costume. Just blend pink and blue eyeshadow on your eyes and red lips.

Pop art or half-pop art.

It’s actually easy, you only need to recognise your face and where to make the lines: jaw, cheekbones, eye crease, nose, brows, lashes, brows and lips.


Featured picture taken from Tumblr
Pics taken from Google Images



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