Professional Makeup Artist

So guess who has become a titled professional makeup artist last Saturday!! Yess, I finished my whole makeup artist course and I have a diploma and credential that confirm that I’m a professional makeup artist now.

My latest two works were a skull and a character that I had to invent, if you follow me on Instagram you may already know about them. Further you’ll see more.


Featured picture taken from Tumblr


7 thoughts on “Professional Makeup Artist

  1. Congrats I am starting college in august to try and become a pro mua, I have chosen college rather than a online course purely because I feel I may have missed out on the practical side. The down side is because I live in Scotland there are entry requirements for the make up artistry course which means I have to do 2 years of beauty therapy!! It will give me a more in depth understanding of the skin etc but I kinda wish I was where your at xxxx

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    1. Hi, before anything, you should know that no online course will replace the practucal classes in college or in an academy. I took clases with a makeup brand from Argentina called Beauty Faces and there they also teches you a lot about skin careing and all that, it is really important and I guarantee you those 2 years of beauty therapy won’t be in vain. Good luck at college! xxxx

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      1. Thank you so so much, a few people have told me that I have done the right thing in attending college, I want to be a real talent and I do not think that you can really be an amazing talent at anything by learning it for only eight weeks, some of the online courses are even shorter. So thank you for making me feel better about my choice. xxxx

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