This time I made an impressing makeup to my arm. The theme of the week was cuts and bruises and I decided to make a crazily creepy one.

This is not a real cut or an incitement to cut like this, it's just makeup. This is totally not to denigrate people who cut.

The first thing I did was covering my arm with some mod podge and napkin paper. I did three layers of that and I started to do the cuts with a scissor over the paper. It was hard, but not that much. Then, I used some red and black artistic painting for the blood inside the cut (you know, blood get black when it gets in touch with the oxygen). After it, I put some foundation on the edges of the paper part to make it part of my skin and some purple and red paint to  around the “cuts” to make the impression of a bruised arm. I also added some foundation there to make it look as it is still being skin. At last, I added tome fake blood to the cuts.

This can be also really useful for Halloween! You are welcome!


Featured picture taken from Tumblr


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