Do not share

Everyone have bacterias on their face, hands and mouths and it is ideal not to share products that can transmit those bacterias from one person to another. So, what I recommend to do is to not share the following products:

Any product that comes in a jar (you have to put your finger in them and it can leave the bacteria there, I recommend to use a spatula if you ever think of sharing it)

Mascara (any eye infection or virus will be stuck on the wand and will go to the product infecting it, I would recommend that if the mascara is meant to be shared, use it with disposable wands)

Lipstick, lipbalm and lipglosses (mouth is one of the most infectious products and it goes from one mouth directly to another, I would recommend to apply it with different brushes)

Makeup brushes (they are in contact with your face full of pimples and greasiness, your eyes with it viruses and your mouth that has the most of the infections. If you ever think of sharing, clean them deeply and remove all the bateria)


Featured picture taken from Tumblr


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