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So, the gorgeous Sarah (from lifewithlilred) has nominated me to the Travel Tag and it came really opportune as I’m going on a 2 days trip to Uruguay in a couple of days. So, here are the answers to the travel themed questions she left me.


Where are your top three places that you would like to travel?

Australia and England are fighting for being at the top of the top three places I want to travel. Then, I’d like to get to know The Netherlands too.


What is your favourite type of ethnic cuisine to eat?

I’m a massive fan of sushi so I think I can say that Japanese cuisine is my favourite.


You get offered a plane ticket to a country of your choosing but you can only bring three items with you.Where would you go and what would your items be?

I would go to Australia (warning: most of the answers might involve Oz) and I would take my phone (of course), a credit card and my dog.


What location does not appeal to you to travel to?

There is nowhere that does not appeal to me to travel to but I’m not that much interested in going to Brazil as I’ve been there a lot. Yet, I’d like to go again (in fact, I’ve a trip for next year to Porto Seguro, really close to Rio in Brazil)


Your BFF is a total adrenaline junkie and she has you pick between building an igloo in Antarctica, scaling Mount Everest, or zip lining one thousand feet over the jungle. What do you choose?

Definitely scaling Mount Everest. I love climbing mountains and Mount Everest seems like a funny adventure to do with your BFF.

Are you an over packer or an under packer when it comes to prepping for a vaca?

OVER packer. And I put over in capitals because I’m a massive over packer. Mostly when it comes to makeup, I pack a full face makeup kit and I end up using just a little of concealer and mascara.


Have you ever forgotten something totally essential while on vacation?

Sounds stupid but I got really mad about myself because i went to Bariloche last year (a snowy place in the Andes mountains here in Argentina) and I forgot my sunglasses and you know that the sun reflects on the snow and hurts the eyes.


What is your perfect vaca outfit?

The kimono and a big beach hat are essentials. So I would match those with a cute triangl bikini top and some black short shorts.



I nominate:

My questions for you:

  1. When was your first plane trip? Where were you going to?
  2. Have you ever gone on a roadtrip? Where to and how long?
  3. Chose a destination for your next vacations, limitless budget, you have to take one -any- family member. Who would you take and where to?
  4. What’s the first thing you pack for any kind if travel?
  5. What languages do you speak? (Not really travel related but anyways)
  6. What is your perfect vacation outfit?
  7. Where are your top three places that you would like to travel?
  8. Where are you planing to travel to next?

That’s it. I had much fun doing this tag so thanks Sarah for the nomination. I want to hear from you guys, what would your answers be for each questions?


Featured picture taken from Tumblr


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