I don’t believe in miracles, but Vaseline is definitely a miracle of life. Here are 11 uses for Vaseline that will save your life at any time. If you have more uses, comment them!

Lip balm. Just use it as a normal lip balm. You can also apply a thick layer and use a toothbrush to scrub away dry skin.

Body moisturizer. Apply on dry patches or dry spots like the elbows or the knees.

Cleanser. Not for every day but if you forgot to take your makeup off before going to bed, apply Vaseline to a cotton ball and remove makeup.

Eye makeup remover. A softer and cheaper option to remove heavy mascara.

Make your lash longer and healthier. Apply with a clear mascara wand (x)

Make perfume scent last longer. Rub a little of Vaseline to your wrists and behind your ears before applying the perfume so it lasts longer.

Sealing split ends. Gives your hair a healthier look, just rub it into the ends of your hair.

Taming eyebrows. Makes your brows look fuller and works as a brow gel.

Vaseline + sea salt = dyi salt scrub. Who needs lush after this?

Apply it to your cuticles to have healthy nails. Not before painting your nails because the nail polish won’t stick to the nail.

Slip ring off your finger. 

Help a zipper run if it gets stuck. Just apply the Vaseline all over the zipper.


Featured picture taken from Tumblr


4 thoughts on “Vaseline

  1. LOVE Vaseline! It did help out with my son’s eczema and would always help with my wind burn and my daughter’s dry lips. I read about the perfume thing but didn’t know the other uses that you’ve posted here.

    Dropping by from a self-hosted site One Awesome Momma because I miss the community. Do check it out when you get a chance. Have a great day!

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