For the southern hemisphere, spring started yesterday and it has been a tradition for years to meet with my friends, do a picnic and end up with +200 photos on our phones. So I took the chance to get a spring-ish look combining it with my aesthetics.

So that’s what I wore. A normal white crop top (it’s just a normal top I cropped out), some blue denim shorts and a black and white kimono with black fangs. Of course, the sunglasses on my head couldn’t be missed.

As in for makeup, I used my MAC waterweight foundation and too much concealer as I had a really bad skin day. I didn’t contour too much as it was at daylight, just bronzed my face. Then I did my brows as always, I marked the crease of my eye and I did a black wing liner with a thin line under it. Then I applied mascara and nude lipstick. Very natural. (forgive my headphones on the second picture)


Featured picture taken from Tumblr


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