Stranger Things

On Tuesday I’ve tucked in Stranger Things and damn, it was amazing. And, as most of you have a similar taste to mine, I know you are going to love it.

This Netflix original serie tells a story about a boy who goes mysteriously missing after playing a board game with his friends. Those friends and their families go through a lot of adventures while looking for him; they meet new people who can be either friends or enemies. It can be very confusing at the beginning -I admit I was- but it is really catchy and the end is… well, it’s interesting, it leaves you with a lot of questions that will be answered on the next season.

Per now, we only have the first season on Netflix or on this page (X) -or just on any page, but I discovered this one that is safe and has a good quality- which has only 8 chapters of less than an hour each, so it would take you only 8 hours to watch it, you can do it in one evening, as I did. And, if you were wondering, season two is coming on 2017.

Have you seen Stranger Things already? Or are you planing to?


Featured picture taken from Tumblr


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