Another of my makeup creations! This time it is an unicorn inspired makeup and I stole one of my greatest friends to play a little bit with her as she has unicorn-worthy hair and amazingly gorgeous eyes.


First of all, I marked where the horn was going to be as if I pasted the horn over the foundation, it would slide off her face. Then, I did the typical makeup steps: skin preparation, foundation, concealer and powder and, after that, I stepped to the rainbow contour because there is no unicorn without rainbows on it. I just took loose pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple pigments (just as I did in my gay pride makeup) and blended them together under her cheekbones.

Then I went straight into her brows, in which I used pink artistic paint and a paint brush and I did as I usually do brows: frame and fill. Once I was done with that, I started with her eyes, in with I did a blue and purple cut crease doing firstly the crease, winging it out, and then cleaning all the lid part with concealer.  After that, following the previously done wing, I made a bold eyeliner, extending it on the inner corner to make her eye look longer. Lastly, I did a little line under her eye connecting the ends of the wing on her outer and inner corners of her eyes to make her eye look wider. Lastly, I applied some mascara; you can add fake lashes too, but she already has amazing lashes and she didn’t need them.

As the last step, I used the same paint as in her brows but in her lips. I would have add some glitter or stars I had for her but I had no time for it.

At the least, I took some strong artistic glue and put it into the horn and the mark I made in the very beginning and pasted the horn.


And this is how my hand ended up after doing the makeup.


Featured picture taken from Tumblr


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