Kyshadow dupes

Is an eyeshadow palette worth $42? I don’t really think so. Here are some dupes for the so controversial Kyshadow palette.


Eye Shadow X 9 Amber Times Nine

Almost same shadows, different price. You can mix the shadows and make some really alike the Kylie’s ones.

$32 in


$ (1)

L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche La Palette

Exactly the same shadows + one more for way less.

$15.99 in




ColorStay Not Just Nudes Palette

The same as the L’Oreal one. But even cheaper.

$14.99 in




Shaaanxo – 18 Color Eyeshadow Palette

We have already seen the drama with this palette (x) and we have already said that this is an amazing dupe for Kyshadow.

$11 in




Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture Eye Palette – Eye On Neutral 02

This palette touches the same tones as Kyshadow + 3 other shades, which include versatile gray and white.

$19,99 in





Forever 21 25 Nude Smoke Eyeshadow Palette

25 shadows for under $10. What else would you need?!

$8,9 in


Featured picture taken from Tumblr
Pics taken from Google Images


7 thoughts on “Kyshadow dupes

    1. Her name, as a lot of brands, makes te price of her products go crazy. For her lip kits, some NYX liquid lipsticks are amazing, I’ll do a post for the lips kits’ dupes. Thanks for the comment!


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