Birthday edition

A beauty blog or a Kylie Cosmetics blog? The answer may surprise you.

I’m back with Kylie for talking about her birthday edition kit and how if sold out in 60 SECONDS. WHAT?

Kylie’s birthday is in a week and she decided to make a kit with limited products that came out yesterday and sold out in just 1 minute. Anyways, they will restock in the following 10 days.

If you are wondering, the collection includes a mini set of five of Kylie’s previous matte lipsticks: Dolce, Exposed, Candy, KoKo, and Kristen. It also includes a version of her new matte lipstick and lipliner, Leo—a deep burgundy. There’s also a new gold shiny gloss, Poppin, and a deep gold metallic matte Lipstick, Lord. But the most exciting releases in this collection Kylie’s first ever eyeliner, called Kyliner, an eyeliner kit with the deep bronze color available in pencil and gel form, and a cream eye shadow, Crème Shadow, in two shades: Copper and Rose Gold. And it all comes in a black makeup case  with Kylie’s lip logo

She said the bag is “the perfect bag,” and that it’s of “such good quality” -and it must be because the bag itself costs $42. The entire collection (bag included) costs $195. The Crème Shadows cost $20 each, and the Kyliner kit costs $38. Poppin costs $16, Lord is $19, and Leo is $30. The set of mini lipsticks costs $36, so that’s kind of a better deal than just buying Leo on its own.

Kylie said that she made sure there’s enough kits to last until her birthday (August 10) when the collection will no longer be available.


Featured picture taken from Tumblr
Pics taken from Google Images



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