Either if you are getting a tattoo soon, if you just got it or you have you r whole body full of tattoos, there are some stuffs you must know about them.

Tattoos are forever. This is because, when the needle pokes the skin, it gets red, swollen and sensitive. That’s the “secondary barrier”, a defense mechanism in where the cells poked emanates histamine and it dilates the blood vessels making the swollen reaction. In the blood vessels you have white blood cells that recognises the unknown substances and it neutralises them, and being neutralised  makes them permanent. The ones on your hands or fingers may vanish after some years because cells are more exposed in those areas.

The machines makes between 2000 and 3000 pokes on the skin per minute and every pokes has 2 millimetres of depth.

The only way of removing them is with a laser that is three times more expensive and painful than the tattoo itself.

Fun fact: blue, yellow and red tints are most harmful to the skin.

So, if you are getting your first tattoo, I’d recommend starting by something little and minimal, like the ones I’ll show you here

(the heart on the pinky is mine lol)


Featured picture taken from myself
Pics taken from Google Images and myself


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