Bloggers Made Me Buy

As a big consumer of Youtube, Instagram and different bloggers, I’ve seen them all loving different makeup products and, due to those positive responses, I decided to try some ¬†of them. And here they are! Revlon Colorstay Concealer. I’ve seen many many youtubers using it and I’ve read many blogs about it. I’ve been using … More Bloggers Made Me Buy

My Zine

You know arts can relax your mind? Well, I made this zine in order to relax and de-stress. This is how I made the zine: Firstly, I folded the paper in 8, made a cut above the middle boxes, folded it and labelled the pages so I can unfold the paper and make my art … More My Zine

Concealer Depotting

Long time no post! Today I bring you how I depotted my two palettes concealer palettes into one pillholder to make it look more professional. Here’s the process: Firstly, I took the colour correctors and, with a spatula, I took off the product from the palette and put them into the pillholder, trying to make … More Concealer Depotting